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Works in lime wood - Sculpture by Guy Reid

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Guy Reid is a British artist who was born in Johannesburg in 1963 and grew up in London and Shropshire. After having completed his BA in Politics and History at North London Polytechnic in 1984, Reid began training as a classical carver and restorer, going on to work for the world-renowned Spink Workshop (now Arlington Conservation), where he completed work for institutions as varied as the Metropolitan Museum New York, the Getty Museum California, Harewood House and the Sir John Soane Museum London. Go to web page About Guy to read more on Guy Reid and his sculptures.


Asian art expert and Hong Kong based fine art dealer Anthony Lin writes an introduction to Reid's work. Read Introduction.


Below is an image of one of  Guy's latest works 'Man Lifting Himself',scale 74 x66 cm. Reid has also made a large relief study of the same subject. (Further images can be seen of both works on the Latest Work page of this site).

Guy Reid Man Lifting Himself

Guy is currently working towards a collaborative exhibition between the Musée de Préhistoire in Aurignac S.W. France and MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Peckham, London. Reid will be showing an entirely new body of work which references the theme of prehistory. All works will later be exhibited for sale at The Coningsby Gallery, London W1 throughout October 2017. Images of the new works will be posted in early Spring 2017.


Guy showed this figure in The Chapel Royal at the Tower of London as part of an itinerant exhibition around the theme of The Stations of  the Cross.The life sized sculpture made in 2007 is carved in relief with the artist as the model himself. The exhibition was currated by Terry Duffy and Aaron Rosen and took place in London over lent. Other exhibiting venues included The National Gallery and St. Paul's Cathedral.

 Guy Reid Christ Tower of London

FACE 2016

Two of Guy's recent monochrome works, Girl Holding iphone and a relief study of Girl Holding iphone, were selected for FACE2016, The Society of Portrait Sculptors Annual exhibition in London.

Guy Reid Girl Holding I phone

Guy Reid Girl Holding I phone

FACE 2016
La Galeria
Pall Mall
London W1

16-21 May 2016


Below is a sculpture portrait of the British T.V. chat show host and comedian Alan Carr, otherwise known as 'Chattyman'. The work is in his own private collection.

Alan Carr Chattyman,


'Why Colour has a Place in Portrait Sculpture'.
11th November 2015
National Portrait Gallery
Ondaatje Lecture Theatre

Guy was invited by The Society of Portrait Artists to give their annual lecture at the National Portrait Gallery London in November 2015. The talk was co-presented by Dr.Holly Trusted, Senior Curator of Sculpture at the Victoira and Albert Museum, and was about the role of colour portrait sculpture. For further information on the contents please contact the artist.


Guy is delighted to announce that this portrait of Dame Jaqueline Wilson was judged the best exhibit at the 2015 Society of Portrait Sculptures 52nd Annual Exhibition in Pall Mall, London.

Dame Jaqueline Wilson


The Question Is?
Jan. 20th - 7th March 2015
L'Espace Croix Baragnon

'I tought about a mantra, like an opened meditation
And the wood material that we almost forgot....'
                                               Brigitte Meunier-Bosch writing on 'The Question Is?

'On est devant un registre absoulment original, qui se situe entre la 2D et la 3D'
                                               Catherine Huber, Flash (Lire Magazine Article)

January through to March 2015 Guy exhibited at the contemporary art center, L'Espace Croix Baragnon in Toulouse. For the exhibition he created a monumental site specific relief 3.5 m high x 2.0 m wide titled 'The Question Is?' The relief represents 9 large multiple angled views in persective of a sculpture of Andrew sitting cross legged. Below are some images of the works shown.

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
                                           Image François Deladerrière

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
                                  Image François Deladerrière

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
                                   Image François Deladerrière

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
                                  Image François Deladerrière 

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
                                                   Image Guy Reid

Guy Reid, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse


July 12th- 5th October 2013

La Chapelle-St Jacques
Centre de l'art Contemporain
St Gaudens
Haute-Garonne, FRANCE

Nous 2013
                                                                                    Nous Image: Lucas Charrier

Throughout the summer of 2013, Guy was showing with La Chapelle de St Jacques,
Centre de l'art Contemporain at St Gaudens in South West France.
The works exhibited focused on intimate portraits of Andrew and the artist himself. Amongst new sculptures shown were three self-portaits of Guy at 50. The last in the series shows Reid carrying his baby daughter Pearl. To see images please go to Recent Exhibitions on the Gallery page of this site.

In conjuction with the exhibition, a book has been published by the French art house publishers Analogues. Entitled 'NOUS'  it looks primarily at portraits of Andrew done over the past 10 years but also includes other portraits of people closely linked to Guy. The book can be ordered online directly from the Analogues Press  or bought through good art book sellers.  English speakers  can also order 'NOUS'  via Les Presses du  Réel
Price €26 + p&p
ISBN 978-2-35864-048-0

Here you can see a 10 minute film by Lucas Charrier about the making of the exhibition 'NOUS' and a second 2 minute film interview about my work made by Jonathan Nicodème with Véronique Fauvet-Lamonerie . Both films are in French, en Français.
 Film 1

 Film 2


Parcours des Arts  Read/Lire Review 
La Depeche   Read/Lire Review

'LITTLE ME' at the Coningsby Gallery London W1

Guy exhibited throughout February 2013 with the Coningsby Gallery London W1. Amongst works included were a new double portrait of Andrew and Guy as Gentleman Farmers, a portait of Grace pregnant (friend and mother of Guy's daughter Pearl), and four portraits of authors commissioned by the publisher David Fickling.

 Little Me

Little Me

Little Me

Little Me

Little Me                                       Enquiries: Contact Coningsby Gallery London W1


Read the abbreviated online version of Teleri Lloyd-Jone's UK Craft's Council's 'Crafts' magazine article on Guy Reid and his show 'Little Me' at the Coningsby Gallery London. Read


A 15 minute film by Margot Donkervoort.
The Dutch film maker Margot Donkervoort has made a short film about the work processes involved in producing a second portrait of Philip Pullman commissioned by the author himself. View Film

You can also view Margot's first film Making Andrew showing the making of a portrait of Andrew from start to finish. View Film


Guy has recently been commissioned to do several children's author portraits. The first four are of writers Philip Pullman, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, writer/ illustrators Nick Sharratt and Ian Archie Beck. They can be seen below with the authors comments. Further images are on the Portfolio page of this site. These are the first in a series commissioned by the publisher David Fickling. 

           Author Portraits                                                                      
                                                                     Image: Margot Donkervoort

'I'm absolutely bowled over not only by the detail - which is small enough to have been done by the Tailor of Gloucester - but by the overall shape and feel and gestalt of it. That's ME, small enough to hold in the hand.....and so entirely THERE. Guy you are a genius. I love it!'
                                                                                                Philip Pullman Dec 2010
'It's so strange looking at a perfect miniature version of yourself. I must have presented a real challenge as a model, with my short hair, black dress, fancy shoes and huge rings- Guy has worked wonders. I think he's caught the very essence of me'
                                                                                        Dame Jackie Wilson April 2011

'Guy's work is quite astonishing. It's an extraordinary experience meeting a tiny version of oneself, every detail in place, down to the labels on the slippers and the insects in the pattern on my shirt. My sculpture's so likelike it seems to be breathing.'

                                                                                              Nick Sharratt May 2011

Guy Reid Sculpture

Guy Reid Exhibitions


Stations of the Cross. Art and Passion
The Chapel Royal
Tower of London

10th February - 26 March 2016

FACE 2016
Society of Portrait Sculptors Annual Exhibition
La Galleria
Pall Mall
16-21 May 2016

Musée Forum d'Aurignacien
S.W. France
April-October 2017

(Museum of Contemprary Art London)
March 26th - 30th April 2017

Solo Show
Coningsby Gallery
London W1
October 2017